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25 Lake County restaurants with the most food inspection vi…

25 Lake County restaurants with the most food inspection vi…

PAINESVILLE, Ohio – Here are the Lake County restaurants and retailers cited for the most food inspection violations during the 2018-2019 inspection year ending Feb. 28, according to state records.

More than half of the 1,410 Lake County restaurants and other food retail businesses cited received four or fewer citations.

However, a small number places, including those listed below, had dozens of violations in 2018-19. See these links for the lists for the previous two inspection years – 2017-18, 2016-17 and 2015-16

Each restaurant in Ohio is inspected twice a year as a standard, plus follow-ups as needed, usually to check on identified problems. Other places handling food to a lesser extent may be inspected once a year.

Violations identified as “critical” are those that “may immediately lead to a foodborne illness,” according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Some violations are minor. Many problems are fixed at the time of the inspection. In some cases, follow-up inspections are conducted where problems need to be fixed. A business could be cited for the same problem multiple times.

Health inspectors cannot impose fines, but health departments can suspend or revoke operating licenses.

For the details on each violation, check out our related database at the end of this story.


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