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Ann Kim’s new Uptown restaurant has a name — and a basement…

Ann Kim’s new Uptown restaurant has a name — and a basement…

It was announced in June 2018, and construction has been underway for months.

Now, the Ann Kim-Conrad Leifur restaurant that’s going into the former home of Lucia’s (1432 W. 31st St.) in Uptown Minneapolis finally has a name.

It’s Sooki & Mimi, an homage to two influential figures in Kim’s life: her maternal Korean grandmother Sook-Young Kim or “Sooki,” and her American grandmother figure Thelma Lange, aka “Mimi.”

Kim revealed the name of the tortilla-centric restaurant on Tuesday in a profile in the New York Times.

The couple are the owners of Vestalia Hospitality, which operates Young Joni and Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis and Hello Pizza in Edina. Kim is the 2019 winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef: Midwest award.

Another Sooki & Mimi detail: the project (pictured, above) is going to include a basement bar. No details yet, other than Kim and Young Joni bar director Adam Gorski are working out the concept.

Earlier this summer, Kim elaborated on the restaurant concept, which will build on a foundation of handmade, heirloom corn tortillas.

“This won’t be your typical taqueria,” said Kim in July. “I have fun ideas for incorporating the flavors of our terroir into creating a new way of eating Mexican food. And I’m inspired by my experience as a home cook. There are lots of bold flavors in both Korean cooking and in Mexican cooking. This isn’t going to be a Korean-Mexican fusion in any way, but there are so many wonderful flavors and spices and textures from Mexico, and I want to play with them, and twist them.”

The targeted opening date is March 2020.

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