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Annual Presque Isle Garden Club’s Annual Plant and Bake Sal…

Annual Presque Isle Garden Club’s Annual Plant and Bake Sal…

It’s that time of year when gardeners are preparing their gardens and getting ready to plant.

An event this weekend at the West Ridge Fire Department’s social hall will help those with a green thumb get ready to grow; it’s the Presque Isle Garden Club’s Annual Plant and Bake Sale. 

Thousands of plants from perennials to annual flowers and herbs and vegetable plants, all for sale and ready to plant.

The annual event is a fundraiser for the Garden Club.

Lynn Jackson, president of the club, tells us, “Our proceeds will go mostly towards our Blue Star Memorial marker we’re dedicating to the veterans; past, present, and future for the Veterans Park in Millcreek that will be on June 14th, Flag Day “.

The plant sale takes place tomorrow, Saturday, 9am-3pm at West Ridge Fire Department Social Hall at 3142 West 26th Street.


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