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Baking lessons help spread a little love for family and fri…

Baking lessons help spread a little love for family and fri…


Each time a member of her family celebrates a birthday, Gina Zhang, a mother of two in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, makes a cake with a special flavor or adorned with cartoon images that her children like.

The 37-year-old only began learning how to bake two years ago. Both her children love chocolate cakes and candies, and she wants them to eat “healthy mother-made” cakes.

“Eating cakes that are tailor-made based on their preferences will make them feel loved and make me feel fulfilled,” she said.

Gan Lin, 29, owner of a bakery in Mianyang, Sichuan province, said baking lessons have become popular with women, with the number of students at her shop doubling last year.

She said sweet treats can make people happier, and baking cakes for family and friends has become a way to show affection, especially for mothers and young women.

Mauro De Felip, general manager of chocolate brand Ferrero China, said Chinese consumers are paying more attention to products’ “emotional connections”.

“To follow this trend, the company has been rolling out its localization strategy to establish strong emotional bonds with consumers,” he said.

Kinder, a Ferrero China brand that makes chocolate especially for children, was launched with the idea of parents, particularly mothers, showing care and love to their offspring.

On March 4, the company rolled out its 2019 Face of Kinder campaign, encouraging mothers to share “wonderful moments” together with their children as a team. For the first time, a photo of the winning team will be printed on a Kinder chocolate limited edition, De Felip said.

He added that this year Ferrero China launched a Spring Festival limited edition of the Chinese Knot Rocher Pack in the domestic market, combining Ferrero’s Italian chocolate with “traditional Chinese festive elements”.

With China now the world’s second-biggest sugar importer, and as more people develop a sweet tooth, the brand will also encourage consumers to adopt a varied and balanced diet, De Felip said.

To encourage active, healthy lifestyles to “foster the development of future generations”, Ferrero China introduced the Kinder+Sport program in 2009.

“The program has attracted more than 10,000 children from over 100 schools and contacted more than 1.53 million kids,” De Felip said.


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