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BRADDOCK RESTAURANT: Alert issued for restaurant at Braddoc…

BRADDOCK RESTAURANT: Alert issued for restaurant at Braddoc…

PITTSBURGH – Violations at the Restaurant at Grand View Golf Club in Braddock included a rodent infestation, according to the Allegheny County Health Department.

The agency posted a consumer alert for the facility, finding fresh mouse droppings on stored croutons. The most recent inspection also found three dead mice, including one decayed one, on sticky boards in a storage area.

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Other violations included food stored at unsafe temperatures, no certified food manager and the door on a walk-in cooler not sealing properly.

The facility has not been ordered to close, according to Health Department officials.

Channel 11 has reached out to the restaurant for comment but an official has not yet responded. Watch Channel 11 News at Noon for more information.




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