FoodSpace Ireland Shortlisted for Two Food Made Good Awards - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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FoodSpace Ireland Shortlisted for Two Food Made Good Awards

FoodSpace Ireland Shortlisted for Two Food Made Good Awards

FoodSpace Ireland has been shortlisted as finalists in two categories in the 2019 Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA) Awards.

Ink Café, the sustainably led cafe in Dun Laoghaire, has been named as a finalist in the Open Right category, while FoodSpace Ireland’s Culinary Director Conor Spacey has been shortlisted in the Best Chef category.

The Open Right award is designed to recognise a foodservice business launched in the last 12 months with sustainability built in, both conceptually and practically.

The Food Made Good Awards recognise restaurants and foodservice businesses whose accomplishments in the last year have driven progress in the industry and demonstrated that all food can be made in an ethical and sustainable fashion.

In 2018, FoodSpace was the first and to date only Irish catering company to receive and retain three gold stars at the SRA awards, as well as an additional gold award for Loyal to Local.

“Opening Ink Café was a big turning point for us and our first venture onto the high street – the sustainable concept has been well received in the public domain,” explained Grainne Carberry, Director of Catering Services with Foodspace at Apleona HSG Limited.

Raymond Blanc, OBE, President of the SRA, said: “The whole world and kitchens across the UK are waking up to the climate threat. The Food Made Good Awards are the perfect platform for shining a light on those kitchens and the teams working in them, that are using incredible creativity and taking risks to help their customers make food choices that are good for them and the planet. Every chef and restaurateur will take inspiration from this shortlist of dozens of inspiring ideas and initiatives successfully implemented by their industry colleagues.”


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