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Grubhub driver accused of stealing restaurant tip jar caugh…

Grubhub driver accused of stealing restaurant tip jar caugh…

– The owner of a Woodhaven restaurant says a Grub Hub driver stole their tip jar.

It was all caught on video and now the accused thief is under arrest. 

“She sees the tip jar right there, ‘Oh a tip jar,'” said Paul Goldman. “We bring her the order and she puts it in the bag and is out of here 

The Grub Hub delivery driver snatched it right from the restaurant near Allen and West Roads this week. Goldman, the franchisee, has asked us to keep the fast-food restaurant anonymous. 

“About $50, I mean whose to know, it’s a tip jar and by the video it seemed pretty full,” Goldman said.

Immediately he called Grub Hub to get the woman’s name but says he was stonewalled. The food delivery service even told Woodhaven police they need a subpoena to get her info. 

“I am outraged at the lack of due diligence on Grub Hub’s part,” Goldman said.

He says police were able to track her down and it turns out, he says, she has a history of run-ins with the law. 

“Assault and battery, theft, number of drug dealing, leaving the scene of an accident, they are felonies,” Goldman said.

The Grub Hub web site says employees MUST pass a background check – but, Goldman isn’t so sure after this. 

“They don’t do one – I’m concerned about my employees, but I’m more concerned about my customers, he said. 

FOX 2 contacted Grub Hub and a spokesperson said the driver was immediately fired after the incident. They said all drivers get extensive background checks before getting hired and periodic ones throughout their employment.

Goldman is questioning if one was ever done here, or if the woman skirted around it somehow. 

“Know this everybody, the person that is ringing your door bell hasn’t been checked at all,” he said.

Apparently the tip jar thief is cooperating with police. She also has some kind of warrant out her arrest in another state.

Goldman is planning on pursuing charges against her.


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