Honey Baked Created a ‘Ham’mock to Aid in Your Summer Relax... - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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Honey Baked Created a ‘Ham’mock to Aid in Your Summer Relax…

Honey Baked Created a ‘Ham’mock to Aid in Your Summer Relax…

We’re just four days away from June 21 — the summer solstice and the longest day of the year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). Once summer is in full gear, you’re going to want to focus on three things: eating, relaxing, and… uh… wordplay. So with that in mind, the ham experts (aka Hammeliers) over at Honey Baked have created a perfect trio for summer fun: a “ham”mock.

Courtesy of The Honey Baked Ham Company

“Who wouldn’t want to take a summer nap wrapped in a giant slice of ham?” Honey Baked wonders. You can now (not literally) live that dream thanks to the Honey Baked Hammock which will officially be released to kick off summer on June 21 in the brand’s new Honey Baked Ham “online swag shop” — also billed as the “HBH Collection.” The hammock, which looks a little bit like a giant slice of prosciutto, will sell for just $25 — and the first five people to rush online to nab one will get free two-day shipping.

While you’re there, you can also pick up other hammy products like piggy T-shirts, a “Lil’Ham” onesie, and an HBH cap. Or if you prefer bizarre branded products, Honey Baked Ham is also currently selling a ham-scented candle and a $50 “HBH Mom’s Relaxation Kit” that features the candle, a “Dreaming of Ham” eye mask, and three aromatherapy bath balls, all packed in “exclusive HBH pouches.”

But as tempting as clothing your baby in pro-ham apparel may be, once the hammock hits the store on Friday, it becomes the star of the show. “The Honey Baked Ham Company is introducing the ultimate summer essential,” the brand writes. “The HoneyBaked Hammock is perfect for lazy summer days lounging by the pool, in the backyard… or whenever you’re eating ham.” Eating a food while sitting in a thing that looks like that food… What’s not to like?


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