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In Conversation: Airline food with Nik Loukas

In Conversation: Airline food with Nik Loukas

in conversation use this oneNik Loukas from joins RGN deputy editor John Walton for a wide-ranging conversation about onboard catering and how airlines of all kinds keep us fed and watered on the aircraft.

What’s new in the world of plane food? What are low-cost airlines focusing on, and how are they doing? Which are the ones to watch…and which are the ones to watch out for? How do the airlines doing a great job with onboard grub do it? What are some of the best meals that Nik and John have enjoyed, and what were some of the shockers?

How is the trend of bigger main meals — and smaller side dishes — on full services carriers going? How important is the environmental movement in reducing waste and being more thoughtful about the impact of #PaxEx on the planet?

Every episode of In Conversation is available on iTunes. A transcript of this podcast will also be published on this page shortly: please email [email protected] with any feedback on formatting or with any recommendations for increasing its accessibility to the widest possible audience.


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