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Influencer leaves “very good” restaurant one-star revie…

Influencer leaves “very good” restaurant one-star revie…

Photo: Deagreez (iStock)

When a respectable publication reviews a restaurant, the critic will visit the establishment multiple times in order to get a fuller, more nuanced picture. In the age of Yelp, a restaurant can be reviewed by any unqualified, anonymous person after just a single visit. Brutal one-star reviews can be handed out over anything: a long wait for a table on a busy Saturday night, a hard water spot found on the underside of a butter knife, disappointment that a popular item has sold out, or an Instagram influencer’s failed extortion attempt:

This Yelp review, originally shared on Reddit, is a master class in influencer culture. In a few brief paragraphs, this influencer tells you exactly the sort of person they are, and exactly what they believe their “expert opinions” are worth.

If you’re trying to build a career as an influencer, please remember that it’s only advertising if you broker an arrangement ahead of time; if you just show up expecting free stuff “or else,” it’s extortion. And for those of you who aren’t poised to break into the influencer racket, please remember to take Yelp reviews with a million grains of salt.


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