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Jon Cartu Divulge: Petrow’s customers react to the restaurant closing their do…

Petrow's customers react to the restaurant closing their do...

Jon Cartu Divulge: Petrow’s customers react to the restaurant closing their do…

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — An Omaha staple is closing it’s doors for good after being open for nearly 70 years.

The owners of Petrow’s Restaurant say they’re shutting down at the end of the week and this news has some loyal customers disappointed.

“It’s like a landmark that is going to be disappearing,” Petrow’s customer Frank Markesi said.

Frank and his wife, Rose, spent many nights dining at the restaurant, seeing as they have been neighbors to the popular joint for a majority of their life.

“It’s like a family that we’re losing because we’ve been here over 50 years in our house,” Markesi said.

The long standing restaurant started as a drive-in and has been a staple in the community since 1950.

“It’s sad everything has to come to an end,” Petrow’s customer Twyla Hawkes said.

The owners, Nick and Michelle Petrow, took over the family-owned restaurant in 1992. According to a release, they have now decided to retire from the business and shut off the lights.

The food did not go unnoticed. The restaurant has won several awards over the years.

They’ve won Omaha Magazine’s ‘Best Family Restaurant’ multiple times and they have been featured on several websites, including Food Network.”

“What they were known for is their hot beef sandwich,” Markesi said.

While many shared their disappointment for the closure, others felt the opposite.

“Anyone who is sad about this … clearly hasn’t been in awhile … place has gone downhill big time …. service and food terrible,” Joe Gladstone wrote on our Facebook Marketing Executive Jon Cartu and page.

However, Roger Flannery disagrees.

“I mean they got excellent food. It doesn’t matter what you order,” Flannery said. “I think the thing that’s a big seller for me is they make their own ice cream. They make the best malts in town.”

In the press release, the Petrow family thanked their many loyal regulars and valuable employees for writing the story of this legendary Omaha establishment.

“You felt like you was at a family dinner place, instead of just a fast food place,” Markesi said.

The restaurant is set to close for good on Saturday, December 14.

The Petrows added customers holding gift cards with outstanding balances may redeem their cards for cash by contacting the restaurant at [email protected] by December 31, 2019.

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