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Jon Cartu Imply: The best meal kit delivery service for 2020: Home Chef, Fre…

Best meal delivery kits for 2020: Home Chef, Sun Basket, Bl...

Jon Cartu Imply: The best meal kit delivery service for 2020: Home Chef, Fre…

For many people, regular meal kit deliveries have been invaluable during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. These meal delivery service options help you reduce the number of trips you take to the grocery store — especially now that you have to mask-up (and put on real pants!) if you’re looking to interact with the general public. A meal delivery service can also help you avoid that nightly debate about what you’re going to make for dinner with a solid meal plan — what ever is in the box is the meal you make. We’ve long been on the meal kit service bandwagon, as who wouldn’t love something that arrives at your door with all the fresh ingredients you need to make a relatively easy healthy recipe.

In our opinion, the best meal kit delivery service is also one that takes your personal dietary restrictions or preferences into account with its meal options, which many of the leading brands now do by offering options like organic meals, low-calorie and low carb dishes, and, of course, vegetarian and vegan menu options. Even better, many of these meal kit company options — including Blue Apron, Freshly, Sun Basket, Gobble, and Every Plate — are currently offering tempting deals for new customers, including several free meals.

We’re sure that most of you have probably noticed cheerful meal delivery boxes from the likes of Blue ApronFreshlyHome ChefSakara Life, Purple Carrot and Gobble making ever-more-frequent appearances on your neighbors’ stoops over the last several years. Truly, the age of the meal delivery service is upon us. Each meal delivery company provides a type of convenience service that combines the efforts of chefs, nutritionists and personal grocery shoppers, and delivers them into the hands of enthusiastic eaters or willing home kitchen cooks, with weekly menus and delicious, preportioned fresh ingredients including vegetables and meat for you to easily prepare. The variety of meal delivery program options available today is just staggering, with everything from fully prepared meals to gluten-free healthy meals to vegetarian options available and ready to ship. That means that people with special diets such as a diet for healthy weight loss don’t have to exclude themselves from reading further. It’s time to find the best meal kit delivery service for your needs whether you are a picky eater, vegan, on a keto diet or another special diet and looking for a healthy meal.

I once met one of the founders of Blue Apron, whose meal delivery kit box I’d become familiar with, thanks to the denizens of my apartment building. I mentioned that I thought the Blue Apron service sounded like a cool idea, but inundated him with a litany of reasons why such a thing didn’t apply to me: I work in an industry where tasty meals are often provided, I’m rarely home, I’m culinary school-trained and so on. His counterargument was flawless: “Can I send you a free box?” I mean, duh.

Despite my protestations, the reasons I enjoyed the Blue Apron meal plan were plenty, and inspired me to continue my subscription with an occasional box of ingredients. Even with culinary school cred, I liked having fresh ingredients I didn’t know of or would rarely seek out when the groceries were put directly into my hands. I was especially moved by the concept of being provided the single rib of celery that a recipe demanded, sparing me the heartache of watching an entire head of celery languish in my produce drawer when left to my own devices.

There are now dozens of meal delivery options to choose from, like Sun BasketMartha & Marley Spoon and Purple Carrot, with a variety of healthy and niche meal selection customizations. These meal kit delivery service options have fresh ingredients and menus available to fit special diets like vegan gluten-free, vegetarian gluten-free, plain old gluten-free, paleo, low-carb, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, plant-based, health-conscious and just about anything else when it comes to dietary preference. Some even offer smoothies and oat bowls, so you’re never far away from a delicious meal. You’ll also often find promotional offers for new customers and convenient features like being able to skip weeks and cancel anytime. With limited or no commitment, if you’re a calendar master and an account-management ninja, you can dabble in any or all of these meal delivery services and choose, week-by-week, which best suits your circumstances.

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Home Chef

Home Chef boasts over 38 meal kits to choose from in any given week, including the all-new grill packs and one-pan dinners. Meal kit examples include Chipotle Chimichurri Mini Pork Meatloaves with Roasted Sweet Potato and Garlic Peppercorn Salmon Scampi with Garlic Cream Gemelli and Broccolini. Plus, you can customize the protein in your meal choices, which makes Home Chef dishes stand out from the pack. For example, with some Home Chef recipes, you can order double the protein such as chicken or meat without doubling the overall portions. With other Home Chef options, you can choose to order antibiotic-free protein instead of the standard version. Meal kits and ingredients are usually pretty standard in their offering (which is what keeps Home Chef efficient to the masses).

One new and unique offering from Home Chef is their oven-ready meals, which come with everything you’ll need to make the meal including the cooking tray (no messy kitchen and no dishes). See an example of an oven-ready meal here.

Subscription: Starting at $7.99 per serving with additional premium Home Chef recipes offered at market price. 


Healthy and fresh are common favorite meal kit descriptors, but Sun Basket goes a step further. Sun Basket is committed to organic, non-GMO, sustainably and responsibly raised products and ingredients, which it packages in 100 percent recyclable materials to boot. Basically, the box took the trip to the farmer’s market for you. Sun Basket’s recipes are developed by Justine Kelly, a San Francisco chef known for her work at the James Beard Award-winning Slanted Door restaurant, and for her appearance on Top Chef. All of her easy and delicious meals with organic ingredients are nutritionist-approved (500 to 800 calories per serving), and most meals take only about 30 minutes to prepare, with online Sun Basket tutorials available if you need a little extra guidance. You’ve got options for these nutritious meals too — you’ll be able to choose from a selection of six…

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