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Jon Cartu Review: Cooking Channel will feature Riverside’s Heroes Restaurant …

Cooking Channel will feature Riverside’s Heroes Restaurant ...

Jon Cartu Review: Cooking Channel will feature Riverside’s Heroes Restaurant …

Heroes Restaurant & Brewery in Riverside will be featured on a Cooking Channel program next week.

“Food Paradise” will showcase the family restaurant and sports bar in an episode called “Guilty Pleasures,” airing at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21.

The episode was taped in November 2018 when the show was on the Travel Channel. According to general manager Geoff Neely, the shoot focused on two menu items. A contract with the production company won’t let him identify them, but he said in a phone interview they are both still on the menu.

The Cooking Channel website, however, promises a “monumentally huge pile of meat-and-cheese-covered curly fries” in its synopsis of the episode.

Heroes’ menu includes Guilty Pleasure Pastrami Fries, which more or less fits that description.

The episode will also feature South City Fried Chicken in Los Angeles.

Neely plans a viewing party on the night of the airing, which is also the night of Game 2 of the World Series.

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Heroes is housed in a 1920s building at 3397 Mission Inn Ave. It is affiliated with similar businesses with different names in Anaheim, Fullerton and Chino Hills, but is branching out in the Inland Empire. In 2019, the City of Eastvale announced it would be getting its own Heroes in a new shopping center called Hamner Place. The project was targeted for last summer, but construction was set back amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Another Heroes will open first, Neely said, in Ontario.

Neely expects the Ontario restaurant to open early in 2021.

Both the Ontario and Eastvale restaurants will serve brews from Heroes in Riverside, but won’t be breweries, he said.


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