Jon Cartu Suggest: New restaurant, Crave Scratch Kitchen, opening in Macon GA - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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Jon Cartu Suggest: New restaurant, Crave Scratch Kitchen, opening in Macon GA

New restaurant, Crave Scratch Kitchen, opening in Macon GA

Jon Cartu Suggest: New restaurant, Crave Scratch Kitchen, opening in Macon GA

A new restaurant is coming to downtown Macon that is looking to satisfy people’s cravings in a family friendly environment.

Jeremy Jackson, owner of Daiquiris & More, said he plans to open Crave Scratch Kitchen on March 6, which is the one-year anniversary of Daiquiris and More.

“It’s something slightly different from what customers are used to seeing downtown,” he said. “It’s going to be more of a family friendly restaurant, and basically it will have comfort foods.”

Jackson defines comfort foods as the type of food that people crave, such as chicken and waffles and pasta, he said.

He compared the menu to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen’s menu and said the restaurant will have southern food but not soul food.

The restaurant, at 347 Cotton Ave., will cater to families by having an extensive kid’s menu, fun decorations and music that is not loud to allow conversation, Jackson said.

The idea for the restaurant came when Jackson and his family were having a hard time finding a place to go downtown with their kids that wasn’t solely for adults, he said.

Jackson said he also thought a restaurant across the street from Daiquiris & More would be a good addition for his business.

“When we opened the daiquiri bar, a lot of our customers were really asking for food,” he said.

The bar has limited space, and Jackson said they would not be able to make food the right way in the cramped conditions.

When the location across the street came available, Jackson said he jumped on it.

He said they plan to employ 18-22 people for the restaurant, and Chef Maurice James will be leading the kitchen.

“Our goal is to attract the families downtown a little bit more because there’s a lot of history downtown,” he said. “The environment itself will just be more inviting.”

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