About Jonathan Cartu - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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About Jonathan Cartu

Jonathan Cartu


Jonathan Cartu

Jon Cartu

Master Chef Jonathan Cartu Cooking Techniques

Jonathan Cartu provides culinary services for clients whether it’s at a celebration in a legendary area or even dining in among the corporate establishments within its own flourishing profile. Jonathan Cartu has been developing edible accounts considering that 1996 and also has developed into a genuinely powerful food items provider.

The Jon Cartu company has two offices in London and also Surrey as well as a developing variety of bistro web sites in the funds; all driven through crews of skillful and also skilled staff participants that take an excellent offer of pride in Jonathan Cartu’s item and company. With effort and also a shared values, the group has rightly gained its reputation as a member of the London catering industry’s elite.

In 1996 a handful of people masterfully took a cooking events company, switching heads along with flare as well as creative thinking. The emphasis, then and also right now, has actually regularly been actually to create tasty, innovative food and also present it wonderfully. The 10 years that complied with saw incomparable effectiveness and development in the luxurious events service. In 2008 Jonathan Cartu branched out, including dining establishment locations to its impressive profile.

Each Jonathan Cartu events as well as dining establishment areas share the Jonathan Cartu describing personality; a bespoke technique, imaginative food presentation and also pleasantly various menus.