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Jonathan Cartu Said: West Side Rag » A Section of Amsterdam Avenue Becomes Resta…

West Side Rag » A Section of Amsterdam Avenue Becomes Resta...

Jonathan Cartu Said: West Side Rag » A Section of Amsterdam Avenue Becomes Resta…

Posted on August 7, 2020 at 9:02 pm by West Sider

Restaurants need space to spread out.

Amsterdam Avenue will be blocked off to traffic from 97th to 110th Street on the weekends from August 8 to October 31 as part of the city’s plan to make it easier for restaurants operate outside. The Columbus-Amsterdam Business Improvement District wrote about how the open street will work:

The Columbus Amsterdam Business Improvement District (BID) is excited to be bringing “Open Streets: Restaurants” to the Bloomingdale neighborhood for the largest operation of this program in the city thus far.  Every Saturday starting from August 8th, restaurants on Amsterdam Avenue between 97th and 110th Streets will be able to expand their outdoor dining into the street from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. The thirteen blocks of Amsterdam Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic starting an hour before and ending an hour after this timeframe to allow for set-up and clean-up. During this period, buses will be rerouted to Broadway, and there will be a 15-foot emergency and bike lane down the center of Amsterdam with a 5 mph speed limit.

The Bloomingdale neighborhood is fortunate to be the home of many small, family-owned restaurants that have been offering a wide range of cuisines for generations.  These small local restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic but have worked hard to serve the community consistently since March. The BID has been committed to supporting the hard work of these restaurants by publishing and updating the “Takeout and Delivery Guide” on the Bloomingdale Restaurants website to highlight the diverse culinary scene in the neighborhood.

Restaurants took the first step towards their recovery by offering outdoor sidewalk seating options, as permitted under the Phase Two guidelines of New York City’s reopening.  They are crucial for the revitalization of the city’s economy and are working hard to keep New Yorkers safe as they reunite with friends and family. However, it has not been easy to offer outdoor seating options.  In addition to having to navigate complex guidelines and regulations, small restaurants often do not have a wide enough store frontage to offer more than a couple of seats outdoors. Additionally, many restaurants in the neighborhood have not been able to expand to the outdoor dining option because the limits imposed by bike lanes or bus stops did not provide adequate room for social distancing.

The Open Streets: Restaurants program offers a unique opportunity for all New Yorkers to discover the local restaurants that make the Bloomingdale neighborhood so special. With this program, the 33 restaurants that are currently open on Amsterdam Avenue can use the extra 20-25 feet of space to serve more customers and better protect community members and their staff by continuing to follow social distancing guidelines.

The BID expects to keep this program running through October, with the possibility of expanding to Columbus Avenue so even more of the 86 restaurants in the neighborhood between 96th to 110th Streets can benefit.

SUMMARY: On Saturdays through October, Amsterdam Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between 97th and 110th, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Restaurant dining will be expanded into the street from noon to 9 p.m. Buses will be rerouted to Broadway. There will be a 15 foot emergency and bike lane down the center of Amsterdam with a 5 mph speed limit.

For more information, contact [email protected] A list of participating restaurants can be found at The success of this program is contingent on community members being diligent about wearing masks and socially distancing themselves.

The BID is still figuring out which restaurants will participate, but the list below of retaurants on Amsterdam that are open gives a pretty good sense:

Acosta Restaurant (Caribbean & Dominican)
934 Amsterdam Ave (105-106) 212-280-2130
*Outdoor Seating

Amity Hall (American Regional)(Bar)
982 Amsterdam Ave (108-109) 646-930-2501
*Outdoor Seating

Arco Cafe (Italian & Sardinian)
886 Amsterdam Ave (103-104) 212-665-0033
*Outdoor Seating

Awash (Ethiopian)
947 Amsterdam Ave (106-107) 212-961-1416
*Outdoor Seating

Bosino (Italian)
201 W 103rd (103) 646-755-8770

Casa Mexicana (Mexican)
894 Amsterdam Ave (103-104) 212-222-3151


*Outdoor Seating

Dive 106 (American Regional)(Bar)
938 Amsterdam Ave (106-107) 917-965-2840
*Outdoor Seating

Elis Wine Bar (Mediterranean)
1012 Amsterdam Ave (110) 212-222-2055
*Outdoor Seating

El Malecon (Caribbean & Dominican)
764 Amsterdam Ave (97-98) 212-864-7606
*Outdoor Seating

Grain House (Chinese)
929 Amsterdam Ave (105-106) 212-665-0033

Guacamole (Mexican)
786 Amsterdam Ave (97-98) 917-265-8173
*Outdoor Seating

Happy Hot Hunan (Chinese)
969 Amsterdam Ave (107-108) 212-531-1786

Lion’s Head Tavern (American Regional)(Bar)
995 Amsterdam Ave (109) 212-866-1030
*Outdoor Seating

Living Thai (Thai)
931 Amsterdam Ave (105-106) 212-222-2600

Makana (Hawaiian BBQ)
161 W 106 st 212-665-0033
*Outdoor Seating

Mama’s Pizza
941 Amsterdam Ave (106) 212-531-3797
*Outdoor Seating

Marlow’s Bistro (Mediterranean)
1018 Amsterdam Ave 212-662-9020
Go Fund me link
*Outdoor Seating

Moonrise Izakaya (Japanese Pub)
774 Amsterdam Ave (99) 646-969-8361
*Outdoor Seating

Mokja (Korean)
852 Amsterdam Ave 646-964-4296

Nobody Told Me (American Regional)
951 Amsterdam Ave (106-107) 917-409-2050
*Outdoor Seating

New Kam Lai (Chinese)
890 Amsterdam Ave (103-104) 212-749-8388

Noche Mexicana II (Mexican)
842 Amsterdam Ave (101) 212-662-6900
*Outdoor Seating

Ozen (Chinese Fusion)
760 Amsterdam Ave (97) 212-678-0300
*Outdoor Seating

Panchos (Mexican & Pizza)
964 Amsterdam Ave (107-108) 212-316-5400

Pearls (Chinese)
796 Amsterdam Ave (99) 212-749-0300

Order Online

*Outdoor Seating

La Piccola Cucina (Italian)
844 Amsterdam Ave (101-102) 212-866-1336
*Outdoor Seating

Raenu Thai (Thai)
964 Amsterdam Ave (107-108) 212-665-0033

Ranchito (Caribbean & Dominican)
924 Amsterdam Ave (106-105th) 917-675-7262
*Outdoor Seating

Roti Roll (Indian)
994 Amsterdam Ave (109-110) 212-666-1500
*Outdoor Seating

Suite (Bar)
992 Amsterdam Ave (109) 212-222-4400
*Outdoor Seating

Spice (Thai)
975 Amsterdam Ave (106-107) 212-864-4168
*Outdoor Seating

Suma Sushi (Japanese)
964 Amsterdam Ave (107-108) 212-222-0229

Tropical Sensation (Caribbean & Dominican)
953 Amsterdam Ave (106-105th) 212-222-0098
*Outdoor Seating

Jon Cartu

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