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Letters to the Editor: Agree to disagree in upcoming politi…

Jonathan Cartu

Letters to the Editor: Agree to disagree in upcoming politi…

Over the next year, we will be in another lively political season. Before we all take sides, I would like to ask that we soften and humanize our political differences.

The teacher your daughter adores may be a Democrat. The doctor who saved your father’s life may be a Republican.

And our troops on the front lines are made up of Democrats and Republicans and independent voters.

While we all are entitled to our differing views, it would be a step in the right direction if we could simply agree to disagree. That would make for a healthier environment than one filled with anger and vitriol.


Duck Hawk Retreat


Keep film incentives

I disagree with the Aug. 16 Post and Courier editorial that views film incentives as a poor investment in our state. There are many peripheral and direct benefits that should be noted.

I retired a few years ago and started working as an extra for local productions. I don’t know the state’s balance sheet and can’t speak to whether South Carolina gets its $15 million worth. I do know that the productions employ many locals as extras, crew members, set designers, lighting specialists, construction workers and catering services.

Editorial: SC film incentive program needs a fresh look

Most extras rely on getting as many filming days as possible as a main source of income or a supplement. Many of the other people on the set live in the Lowcountry either permanently or temporally. They pay rent, shop locally, frequent our restaurants and go to bars and entertainment venues.

Production companies, whose shows include “Mr. Mercedes,” “OBX” and “The Righteous Gemstones,” have spent substantial sums on leasing warehouses, buildings and open lots for sets and offices that otherwise would be unused. Instead, those properties are tax generators.

Danny McBride’s “The Righteous Gemstones” converted Citadel Mall’s closed Sears store into an incredible megachurch set.

It’s elaborate and had to be expensive.

Kudos to McBride for bringing several productions to Charleston over the past few years. He lives here and spends locally.

The editorial says the $15 million film industry incentive is a “giveaway,” but it provides employment for many people, supports local businesses, invests in unused properties and highlights the beauty of the Lowcountry.

That’s a wrap.


Henrietta Hartford Road

Mount Pleasant

Higher education

I have read recent articles mentioning that the University of South Carolina’s new president, Robert Caslen, has no background in higher education, despite the fact that he was the superintendent at West Point.

Then, in the Aug. 16 Post and Courier, I read a letter to the editor that complained faculty members were given an opportunity to speak but were not listened to. The writer also observed that faculty members are highly educated individuals.

The principle of shared governance mandates that they have input but not the final decision.

Colleges and universities have acquired a reputation for having faculty members who indoctrinate students, rather than help them hone critical thinking and analysis skills.

This is done by offering majors that lend themselves to this mold and by offering safe spaces to students who have been taught to claim offense at the airing of alternative viewpoints and on and so on.


Forde Row


Fragrant memories

Dr. Edward Gilbreth’s April 11 Post and Courier column mentions the fragrance of the banana shrub: “It turns out the product responsible for this particular scent is isoamyl alcohol.”

Gilbreth column: It’s a heavenly time in Charleston

Our grandmothers would tie the blossoms in a handkerchief and carry it in a pocket.

Oh, how I remember that. There is a beautiful banana shrub just outside an orthopedics office in Charleston. I encourage everyone to plant one.


Fox Pond Drive

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Mount Pleasant

Animal society

It would be regrettable if the Charleston Animal Society were shut down. Feral animals, cats in particular, are a problem in urban and semi-urban areas, and unless the problem is properly managed it poses significant risks (e.g., rabies) for domestic animals and children.

Hicks column: Animal Society in danger of being neutered by cities, county

My wife and I volunteered for about eight months with the excellent folks at CAS and Pet Helpers to trap and neuter feral cats in our neighborhood on Johns Island.

We were able to trap nine cats, including a problem female that had multiple litters and abandoned them each year.

Of the nine cats, three had to be put down for health reasons and the remaining six we successfully domesticated enough so they could be adopted.

Unfortunately, during this period, homeowner “nuisance cat” complaints in the area increased and we finally had to end our involvement.

Most of the claims were poorly informed, unsympathetic to humane animal treatment and ignored the long-term consequences.

Some folks just wanted to pass the problem on to Charleston Animal Control, not understanding that when those workers captured cats, they would take them to Charleston Animal Society to be neutered and then released as “free-roaming cats” in the same area where they were trapped.

This was precisely what we were doing, except we sufficiently domesticated the cats so they could be adopted.


Coral Reef Drive

Johns Island

Wrong priorities

Why does this country shell out billions of dollars in foreign aid but can’t come up with funding for victims of natural disasters and hunger in this country?

Ask your representatives.


Hermit Crab Way

Mount Pleasant


Baking Cartu Jonathan

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