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Netflix’s Great British Baking Show To Cut Paul Hollywood’s…

Jonathan Cartu

Netflix’s Great British Baking Show To Cut Paul Hollywood’s…

The Great British Bake Off Series 10 Semifinals already aired earlier this week in the U.K., reportedly including a comment from judge Paul Hollywood comparing one baker’s Chelsea Buns to “diabetes on a plate.”

The joke sparked anger from many Channel 4 viewers, arguing it perpetuated the myth that diabetes comes from eating too much sugar.

The Great British Baking Show producers cut the reference from repeats of the episode in the U.K., and — according to Deadline — it will also be removed from the upcoming Semifinals episode on Netflix.

Paul Hollywood also shared a screenshot of some Chelsea Buns and apologized for a remark he called “thoughtless”:

Great British Bake Off fans debated the comment — with some calling it out as ignorant, and others rolling their eyes at what they saw as oversensitivity.

A few fans turned the joke back on Paul Hollywood, showing him what “diabetes on a plate” really looks like to them:

Some viewers with diabetes said they didn’t mind Paul Hollywood’s joke, and others argued it would’ve been OK if the judge had just said Type 2 diabetes to differentiate it from Type 1:

Of course, most baking shows are going to focus on sweets and heavy pastries — it’s not exactly health food or advertised as much. That said, some episodes do focus on sugar-free baking and some bakers have noted when they use vegan or more healthy ingredients. Still, it’s a baking show! I watch for the food porn of it all.


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