Ofer Eitan Convey: UPDATE: Plate Fund launches to help Seattle restaurant work... - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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Ofer Eitan Convey: UPDATE: Plate Fund launches to help Seattle restaurant work…

UPDATE: Plate Fund launches to help Seattle restaurant work...

Ofer Eitan Convey: UPDATE: Plate Fund launches to help Seattle restaurant work…

Update April 12

Numerous readers have reported problems with The Plate Fund and their utilization of a system called STRIPE. Westside Seattle reached out to The Plate Fund sponsors and they replied:

The Plate Fund is using a third-party called Up Together to process applications which includes synching an applicant’s bank account information. Indeed, many users have raised this issue which we are working hard to remedy as soon as possible.”

Original Post

The restaurant industry and its workers, among the hardest hit in the coronavirus pandemic just got a helping hand. Launching on April 6 the Plate Fund

The new fund will issue $500 grants, getting money into the hands of King County based restaurant workers within 48 hours. It was created by The Schultz Family Foundation, in partnership with All In Seattle, the Seattle FoundationUpTogether and other Seattle-area restaurateurs. It begins with $4 million and hopes to raise more.

If you are or know a local restaurant worker who needs financial help due to the coronavirus crisis can apply online for a $500 no-strings, “immediate” emergency relief grant from The Plate Fund if they meet these criteria:

  • Must live in King County
  • Can demonstrate that they have experienced a reduction in hours or been laid off as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • They have annual gross pay of less than $62,000, inclusive of tips (and upload a recent pay stub to show it)

To make it work establish a STRIPE account here

The fund is also seeking donations and the site says:

When the COVID-19 crisis hit the Seattle area, more than 100,000 people were employed at some 5,000 food establishments in King County. Thousands of restaurants have suspended operations, closed and let go a majority of their staff. A vast majority of line cooks, wait staff, dishwashers and other employees rely on every paycheck, as well as tips, to support themselves and their families. They need to pay for necessities like food, transportation, baby products and medicine now.

How to Help Now

The Plate Fund provides immediate, one-time payments of $500 to the most impacted workers. For many, these payments can help “bridge the gap” between the time they received their last paychecks and when they can access federal stimulus payments and/or unemployment insurance benefits, which can take weeks or months. For others, this may be the only money they receive.

Restaurants, bars and cafes are the connective tissue in our communities, nourishing all of us and helping to keep our neighborhoods vibrant. Now they need us. Please, donate what you can—the cost of a cup of coffee, a dinner out, a month of meals—to help us reach more workers. It’s our turn to serve.



Jon Cartu

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