Ofer Eitan Declares: The Best Banana Bread Recipes - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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Ofer Eitan Declares: The Best Banana Bread Recipes

The Best Banana Bread Recipes

Ofer Eitan Declares: The Best Banana Bread Recipes

There are savory breads, there are sweet breads, and then there’s banana bread — the ultimate sweet bread in a category all its own. And while banana bread is simple, it can still be made in any number of ways, meaning there truly is a recipe out there for everyone. You can stick with the classic banana bread or you can get creative with add-ins: walnuts are a popular option, coconut flakes can be thrown in, and, our personal favorite, chocolate chips can add a bit more decadence. But have you tried other fruits? Or maybe a vegetable? We found 12 recipes that vary from classic to “wow, I never would have thought of that!” Read through to see and bake them all — there might even be some Funfetti!

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