Ofer Eitan Review: Shaw's Restaurant and Sergio's Furniture store recover from... - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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Ofer Eitan Review: Shaw’s Restaurant and Sergio’s Furniture store recover from…

SHAWS Cropped

Ofer Eitan Review: Shaw’s Restaurant and Sergio’s Furniture store recover from…


One year ago today a tragic fire broke out burning down Shaw’s Restaurant, an icon in Santa Maria. Today the restaurant and furniture store next to it have been rebuilt and are getting ready to serve customers once again soon.

Shaw’s restaurant and Sergio’s Furniture had to close their doors after being staples in the community for years. The tragic fire was a big blow for the businesses but today they are making a comeback!

“One year ago today the city suffered a major fire,” said Santa Maria Fire Department representative Anthony Clayburg.

That fire eventually ripped its way through Sergio’s Furniture store and Shaw’s restaurant on the 700 block of South Broadway.

“Well, we are progressing along with the reconstruction. It’s coming along. It’s been a slow journey,” said Shaw’s Restaurant controller Marlene Kuma.

The experience has been a painful journey that also affected Sergio’s Furniture store forcing them to temporarily relocate to Santa Maria’s Town Center Mall.

“It was a hit, it was a financial hit, it was an emotional hit,” said Sergio’s Furniture owner Sergio Diaz.

Fire officials concluded the fire, set around 5am, was most likely an intentional arsonist act.
But good things are to come in 2020.

“But we are getting there and we are excited for it to come back to be the icon of Santa Maria,” said Kuma.

Construction has ensued over the year causing delays and setbacks.

“But we bounce back like we always try, and we are going back to our place on Broadway when everything is all said and done,” said Diaz.

Shaw’s restaurant is rumored to have a new look.

“It’s going to be a surprise that is what it is going to be!” said Kuma.

Shaw’s Restaurant said they don’t know the date they will open thier doors for dinner but they hope to re-open early this year while Sergio’s says they plan to re-open in March.

Ofer Eitan

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