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SER imposes ban on a-la-carte meals

SER imposes ban on a-la-carte meals

The South Eastern Railway (SER) has imposed a ban on a-la-carte meals ( food that is ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meal) in all mail and express trains passing through various railway divisions under it including Ranchi and Chakradharpur.

Chakradharpur is the highest revenue earning railway division in terms of freight in the country. Notably, about 150 passenger trains pass through various stations of Chakradharpur railway division every day.

Chief public relations officer of SER Sanjay Ghosh said that they have decided that a-la-carte meals will not be permitted for sale on mail and express trains with immediate effect. However, a-la-carte snacks items like samosas and pakoras may continue. According to Ghosh, for passengers of mail and express trains, the present cost of Janta Meal (comprising 7 pooris-175 g, dry aloo curry-150g with pickles) costing Rs 20 will remain unchanged and that Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)  will continue to make available Janta Meal for sale on trains. “

We have informed that every other instructions regarding implementation of menu and tariff of catering services on mail and express trains will remain unchanged, ” he added.

Notably, the Railway Board in a circular issued last week notified revision in menu and tariff of catering services ( morning tea, breakfast, lunch/dinner and evening te a) on high profile trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto  on the standard meals. But, the hike is not implemented in food served in mail and express trains. It also implemented the hike in menu of standard breakfast and standard meals in those high profile trains.


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