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Starbucks Japan Has Green Apple Jelly And Baked Apple Frapp…

Starbucks Japan Has Green Apple Jelly And Baked Apple Frapp…

Apple-picking season has officially begun both here and in Japan, and in celebration, the Japanese outposts of Starbucks have introduced some pretty wild Frappuccinos and iced teas for fall. The ever-trusty @JunkFoodOnTheGo identified the new flavors as Green Apple Jelly and Baked Apple Pink.

Starbucks Japan also confirmed the existence of the exciting and colorful drinks in an Instagram post last week.

While people seem to be super amped about the apple-licious-ness of it all, @JunkFoodOnTheGo’s initial thoughts on the drink were pretty lackluster: “Tried the Green Apple Jelly Iced Tea. Interesting but not really refreshing. Wish this was Peach Tea instead!” the account explained.

SoraNews24 also got their hands on the drinks (specifically the Frapps) and put them to a test. They noted (1) that you can only order these bad boys in a Tall size, and (2) that upon initial glance, the Frapps looked exactly as good as they were hoping. As for how they actually taste? The site enjoyed the “green apple candy bits sprinkled into the whipped cream topping” on the Green Apple Jelly Frapp, calling it tart, juicy, and “bittersweet.”

They were pretty enthusiastic about the Frapp’s pink counterpart as well, particularly enjoying the “cute and colorful bright red crunchy apple bits interspersed with a smattering of [cinnamon] cookie pieces” that gave the drink a vague apple pie-like taste.

The drinks should be in Japan stores through the fall, so if you happen to be in the area, go ahead and try ’em for yourself. Then do me a favor and let me know if you really think they should be something we neeeeeed here stateside.


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