Woman says she found cooked rodent in teriyaki chicken from... - Jonathan Cartu Restaurant, Baking & Catering Services
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Woman says she found cooked rodent in teriyaki chicken from…

Woman says she found cooked rodent in teriyaki chicken from…

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A cooked rodent inside a take-out order of teriyaki chicken purchased from a restaurant at the Polaris Mall.

So claims a woman who said she purchased the food at Yihi Japan.

Inspectors with the Columbus Health Department dropped by the restaurant Wednesday and conducted a “thorough” investigation.

They didn’t find any evidence to determine if the rodent came from Yihi Japan or how it wound up in the woman’s food. Rob Aquista, the department’s Food Protection Supervisor, said he contacted the United State Department of Agriculture to follow up on his department’s investigation. Aquista said the company that supplies Yihi Japan with its chicken has also been contacted.

Inspectors did find other critical violations that prompted Yihi Japan to shut its doors and stop serving food to the public.

-Water backing up through floor drains near the ice machine, food preparation sink and walk-in cooler.

-Cockroach infestation. Inspectors found one of the bugs inside a pot of dry rice.

-Accumulation of food debris and grease under the grill, tables, cabinets and work station. In their notes, the inspector wrote, “The physical facilities are not cleaned as often as necessary.”

The owner of Yihi Japan told NBC 4 that he’s working with the health department to correct all of the violations, and re-open ASAP. He said the rodent did not come from his restaurant.

Before the restaurant is allowed to re-open, the Columbus Public Health Department must first do a follow-up inspection.



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